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Napple Tale resources

Napple Tale is a cute platforming RPG for the Dreamcast, designed by a team of mostly women, with excellent music by Yoko Kanno.

Fan translation

The thing that made this game accessible to me is the wonderful fan translation patch by Cargodin in 2019.

I made an updated version of the patch in June 2020, which changes one word in the credits.

(This word wasn't even affected by the fan translation -- it was always there, in English, in the original game. The developers did not know the connotations of this word in American English. I recommend using my updated version, especially if you're going to stream it.)

The fan translation requires a CD image of Napple Tale in .cdi format to play.

Gameplay guides

  • randomsalience's notes - describes the current speedrun route, plus a lot of additional information about where to find things in the game
  • kihaku's guide - notes about where to find things in Napple Tale, with screenshots. In Japanese, from 2003.

Original website


Napple Tale is a good game to speedrun. I'm the one who originally routed it and came up with the categories, and the world-record holder as of 2020.

The game has interesting routing and risks you can take, it takes less than three hours, and it's just a comfy experience from start to finish. Here's the page.

I run the game on the RetroArch emulator, using the flycast core. To save frames and my wrists, I use JoyToKey to set one of my controller buttons to "turbo X" for skipping through dialogue.

MSU-1 pack for A Link to the Past

You can play A Link to the Past or ALttP Randomizer and replace its music with Napple Tale music, using this MSU-1 music pack.

Desktop backgrounds

These 1024x768 backgrounds were on the game disc.