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Napple Tale resources

Napple Tale is a cute platforming RPG for the Dreamcast, designed by a team of mostly women, with excellent music by Yoko Kanno. I routed the game as a speedrun.

Fan translation

The thing that made this game accessible to me is the wonderful fan translation patch by Cargodin in 2019.

I made an updated version of the patch in June 2020, which changes one word in the credits. This word wasn't even affected by the fan translation -- it was always there, in English, in the original game. The developers did not know the connotations of this word in American English. I recommend using this version, especially if you're going to stream it.

The fan translation requires an ISO of Napple Tale in .cdi format to play.

Gameplay guides

  • randomsalience's notes - describes the current speedrun route, plus a lot of additional information about where to find things in the game
  • kihaku's guide - notes about where to find things in Napple Tale, with screenshots. In Japanese, from 2003.

Original website

Desktop backgrounds

These 1024x768 backgrounds were on the game disc.