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Katamari music pack for A Link to the Past

Katamari Series MSU-1 pack

Download here

Music by Yu Miyake and many others
Compiled and edited by arborelia

Version 1
Released: April 15, 2021

Setting up this pack for the first time

On Windows, you can run _Pack Builder.bat to create the PCM files you'll need.

Or you can run msupcm.exe msu_katamari.json at the command line, or drag and drop msu_katamari.json onto msupcm.exe. All of these do the same thing.

msupcm.exe is a copy of msupcm++, by qwertymodo. The source code (which also runs on Linux) is available at

What is MSU-1?

MSU-1 is a custom co-processor for the SNES that allows it to play CD-quality audio. It was designed long after the SNES era, so it never existed in an official game cartridge, but it's implemented in modern SNES interfaces such as sd2snes, and emulators such as Snes9x.

Playing ALttP with this pack

This pack replaces the music in ALttP with music from the first four Katamari games.

Put your ROM from the ALttP Randomizer in this folder. Name it "msu_katamari.sfc". Run it with Snes9x 1.60 or later. (The music will be choppy on 1.55.)

You can also use a vanilla ROM of ALttP if you apply its MSU patch. However, the vanilla game doesn't support unique music per dungeon.

If you see directions telling you to disable music in the randomizer settings, those directions are old and won't work. Music should be enabled.

Track list

The number in brackets indicates which game the track is from:

[1] Katamari Damacy (塊魂)
[2] We ❤️ Katamari (みんな大好き塊魂)
[3] Me & My Katamari (僕の私の塊魂)
[4] Beautiful Katamari (ビューティフル塊魂)
 #  Usage in ALttP          Track on the Katamari soundtracks
01  Opening theme           [1] Nananan Katamari
02  Light World             [1] Katamari on the Rock
03  Rain state              [2] Angel's Rain
04  Bunny                   [1] Scorching Savannah
05  Lost Woods              [1] Que Sera Sera
06  Prologue                [3] Overture III
07  Kakariko Village        [1] Cherry Blossom Color Season
08  Portal                  [1] Royal Rainbow
09  Dark World              [2] Everlasting Love
10  Pull pedestal           [1] Lovely Angel
11  File select             [1] The Wonderful Star's Walk is Wonderful
12  Guards!                 [2] Kuru Kuru Rock
13  Dark Death Mountain     [3] shine! mr. sunshine
14  Minigame                [1] WANDA WANDA
15  Skull Woods overworld   [3] Meadowtron
16  Hyrule Castle           [1] Katamari March Damacy
17  (vanilla) LW dungeon    [1] Lonely Rolling Star
18  Cave 1                  [1] Overture
19  Boss victory            [1] Stardust Fanfare
20  Sanctuary               [2] Blue Orb
21  (vanilla) Boss          [1] Fugue #7777
22  (vanilla) DW dungeon    [1] Katamaritaino
23  Shop                    [3] Katamaresort
24  Cave 2                  [2] Overture II
25  (vanilla) Zelda Rescue  [3] Love & Peace & Katamari Damacy
26  Crystal collected       [1] Lovely Angel
27  Fairy fountain          [1] Katamari Stars
28  Agahnim zaps Zelda      [1] Lovely Angel
29  Ganon reveals himself   [3] Night Moo Moo
30  Drop in to Ganon        [1] Lovely Angel
31  Boss: Ganon             [2] Katamari on the Swing
32  Triforce room           [2] Beautiful Star
33  Triumphant Return       [2] King of King's Song
34  Credits                 [1] Katamari Love - Ending Theme
35  Eastern Palace          [1] Lonely Rolling Star
36  Desert Palace           [1] Angel Flavor
37  Agahnim's Tower         [4] Epilogue
38  Swamp Palace            [3] Jesus Island
39  Palace of Darkness      [2] Disco Prince
40  Misery Mire             [1] Katamaritaino
41  Skull Woods (interior)  [2] Houston
42  Ice Palace              [1] You Are Smart
43  Tower of Hera           [1] The Moon and the Prince
44  Thieves' Town           [1] A Crimson Rose and a Gin Tonic
45  Turtle Rock             [2] Baby Universe
46  Ganon's Tower           [3] Starlight Jamboree
47  Boss: Armos Knights     [4] Into the Sky
48  Boss: Lanmolas          [1] Fugue #7777
49  Boss: Agahnim 1         [1] Katamari Mambo
50  Boss: Arrghus           [4] Guru Guru Gravity
51  Boss: Helmasaur King    [4] Prologue
52  Boss: Vitreous          [4] STAR! STAR! STAR!
53  Boss: Mothula           [4] Katamari Dancing
54  Boss: Kholdstare        [4] Guru Guru Gravity
55  Boss: Moldorm           [1] Fugue #7777
56  Boss: Blind             [4] Everyone's Mambo
57  Boss: Trinexx           [4] Bless My Stars
58  Boss: Agahnim 2         [4] BOYFRIEND A GOGO
59  Ganon's Tower upstairs  [2] The Royal Academy of Katamari
60  LW after pedestal       [3] Katamari on the Funk
61  DW after 7 crystals     [3] Big Cosmos Salon

Some background on how I chose these tracks:

  • The first game's OST is the most familiar by far, so I intended to use every track from it somewhere. But my chat found the start of "Last Samba" extremely unsettling ("oh no why is your game screaming"), so I took it out.

  • "We ❤️ Katamari" was my favorite of the games, and I made sure to use most of its tracks. I originally had "Tsuyogari Damashii" ("Bluff Spirit") as Swamp Palace, and that made me quickly realize I didn't want to spend that much time listening to "Tsuyogari Damashii", so I replaced it with "Jesus Island" from Me & My Katamari which is a bop.

  • "Beautiful Katamari" has many tracks that are louder and more intense, so I used it for most of the boss tracks.

  • I saved "Katamari on the Swing" for that one perfect moment.

About me

My Twitch channel is . I play a lot of modes of ALttPR and many other randomizers.

You can follow me on Twitter as @arborelia, where I may post future MSU-1 packs, or updates to this pack, or when I'm going live on Twitch, but honestly I'll mostly post gay girly shit.