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arborelia's MSU-1 packs for A Link to the Past

I design music packs that replace the music in A Link to the Past using MSU-1. Here are the packs I've made so far:

[Chicory: A Colorful Tale][chicory]

Lena Raine wrote a fantastic soundtrack for Chicory, and its themes fit pretty well into A Link to the Past.

Katamari series

I can make a pack for you and me, I can make a pack for all who we love!

Jam to the music from the first four Katamari games as you roll up enough items to save Hyrule.

A Link Between Worlds

Replaces the ALttP music with the wonderful orchestrated music from A Link Between Worlds.

Napple Tale

Napple Tale has my favorite game soundtrack in existence, and I've brought it to A Link to the Past with this MSU-1 pack.

Cave Story

An MSU-1 pack built from the original music of Cave Story, plus some of its unused tracks.